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Nikki's Guide to Purchasing Quad Skates

What's the deal with skates?

Purchasing skates depends on how you will be using your skates.

Artistic, Rhythm & Jam skaters typically opt for a higher boot for ankle support.


Derby and Speed Skaters typically opt for a low-cut boot ( it resembles a sneaker)


Skating is a fun, way to relieve stress, exercise, and meet like-minded people, so when it comes to picking a specific boot, it's all up to the skater and what feels right to them.

Here are some examples of Artistic, Rhythm, and Dance style boots.

  1. Riedell boot 111

  2. Riedell boot 297

  3. Riedell boot 120

  4. Riedell boot 3200

  5. Sure Grip Fame

  6. Pacer Stratos

  7. Impala boots

  8. Moxi Lolly

  9. Moxi Jack 2

  10. Moxi Beach Bunny

Click the link below to learn more


Guide to purchasing skates

Speed, Derby & Jam boot

When comparing the different styles of skating dance, artistic & rhythm, and the type of boot used, do you see similarities in boot structure? Yes, they all have a higher boot again, for ankle support.

Now we will move on to the type of boot/ shoe used for Jam, Derby, & Speed style skating. As with Dance. Artistic, and Rythm skating the style of boot for Speed, Jam, and Derby are similar to each other.

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